Happy Cats!

September is Happy Cat Month, brought to us by the CATalyst Council to help spread education and awareness about the health, welfare and enjoyment of companion cats. 

There is a misconception that cats are so self-reliant that they do not require the attention and affection we lavish on our dogs–but in truth, cats are incredibly social animals.  The CATalyst Council works to advance the image of cats as caring, affectionate animals in need of the same loving and nurturing environment as any pet. 

Here are some of our favorite happy cats . . .

Luna and Tiger

Luna and Tiger are affectionately known as “Cat Cat” to the two-year old who shares their home, along with her baby brother. They’re called “Cat Cat,” of course, because they are two cats. Makes perfect sense to us. Luna and Tiger get lots of attention from the curious and loving little people in their home and according to parents Amanda and Christian, the cats are happy as long as they get plenty of sleep. Nothing like a good cat nap now and then!

Happy Cats! 2

Lilly was a stray that found a loving home with Jazmine. She’s 18 months old and as you can see, she’s an indoor/outdoor (loves-climbing-trees) cat. She also loves to sun bathe, get special treats and play. Of all the many toys she’s had, expensive and not so expensive, Lilly’s favorite toy is a feather on the end of a long string attached to a stick. She’s a happy cat for sure!

Happy Cats! 4

Obviously loved and cared for, Ziggy has her own “dining room,” tastefully decorated with framed original artwork on the wall. Owners Brian and Fleurette are the busy parents of a seven-month-old baby girl, but they still find time to give Ziggy lots of affection. And she loves spending time outdoors in her attached catdominium built especially for her by Brian. What’s for dinner, Ziggy?

Editor’s note: Ziggy’s photo courtesy of Robert J. Sadler, Author/Photographer/Artist.