A Well-Behaved Dog is Happy, Fun & a Great Companion!

Dog Board & TrainComing July 1

Board & Train is our new 10-day training program that combines all-inclusive boarding accommodations and professional obedience school. Training is performed by our professional trainer with a disciplined but caring approach and provides the consistency necessary to establish :

  • Trust between owner and dog
  • Reliable behavior on and off leash
  • Stronger bond between owner and dog
The Dog Learns . . .

Your dog will learn to be attentive and responsive and acquire the basic obedience skills — sit, down, come, stay, heal and place.

The Owner Learns . . .

The owner will receive a 30-minute demonstration and training session with their dog and the trainer at the completion of the program.

Our Goal . . .

The goal of our program is to help your pet become the great companion they were meant to be. You will enjoy your pet even more when they are responsive and well-behaved. And your pet will be happier, too!

The Training Sessions . . .

Multiple training sessions per day are customized for each dog based on their ability, personality and responsiveness. We use a multi-faceted approach to determine the most effective learning method for your dog to provide the best results.

For more information, give us a call at 512-258-2464.

Photo by Tom Verdoot